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LA GRU  is  a specialized consultant  in marine and contractual liability  insurances and relevant  claims handler

We believe our success lies in the following pillars
underpinning our activity.

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1. Control

We check client’s needs and suggest the risks to be covered. We issue regular statistical reports on claims and deductibles, supported by a cost analysis of the accidents and the prevention measures to be adopted. At the request of the insurers at the moment of accepting a risk we are also prepared to visit the premises of the assured in order to establish jointly the state of the safety measures and procedures in force aimed to prevent accidents, property damages and to protect environment.

Our analysis is aimed to establish:

  1. The most frequent causes of accidents and how to avoid them;
  2. The most problematic customers and/or suppliers;
  3. The cheapest and most efficient loss prevention package to be adopted;
  4. The security measures to be adopted and the suggested lines of conduct.

our work

2. Networks

We have frequent contacts with legal advisors in order to:

  1. Have prompt informal legal advice;
  2. Suggest the best practices in case of disputes;
  3. Evaluate in the most favorable way to the insured the clauses governing contractual terms.

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3. Speed up the handling of claims

We expect to receive claims via e-mail, accompanied by a brief description of the facts and possibly with photos of the incident.
For policyholders whose activity is mainly carried out in certain locations, we prefer to indicate in advance the name of an expert to assist at the moment of the accident so that he can:
  1. Immediately intervene and open the insurance practice with the insurance company;
  2. Provide a preliminary report on what happened;
  3. Get our suggestions on what to do;
  4. Maintain relations with complainants;
  5. Take witnesses of the people present to the fact;
  6. Involve specialists when necessary for the best defense of the assured;
  7. Draw up an initial damage assessment.

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4. Define the complaints

We carry out the necessary interaction with the damaged parties and with the assurer, therefore our office:
  1. Collects the necessary documents and the insurer’s file number;
  2. Follows “step by step” the requests of the complainants;
  3. Safeguards redress actions;
  4. Looks for a possible amicable solution to the complaint.

our work

5. Training and loss prevention

We organize seminars on responsibilities related to the policyholders activity in order to improve the working culture of employees and develop the best working practice and the controls that employees must have in carrying out their business.